Welcome to La Mojoteque, sharing free (of charge) music for every taste and mood. In partnership with Internet. I do not own any of it.


Here is a list of some of the most interesting links I find on the web, updates every now and then :

Radiotuna allows any visitor to freely browse thousands of Internet radios in a great variety of style. You will be able to find almost anything you want, and to hear it for free while (if everything works properly) the title of the track you're listening to is displayed, thus a very interesting tool to discover new (and older) artists. Visit Radiotuna.


Netlabels.org is the Wikipedia of netlabels. A netlabel is usually (but not always) independent and usually (but not always) produces free (of charge) music. This site lists an astounding number of labels with a small description for each, a list of notable artists and links to official sites if any. This is the treasure map of free music, and it is meant to be treasured. Still, it should be noted that keeping a database that large is very difficult, so don't get too disappointed if a link does not work, it can happen sometimes, just try another one, and another one. Visit netlabels.org.


Bandcamp is the main tool I use at the moment to find new artist that make their music freely available for download on the net. Well, among others of course. Bandcamp is a formidable platform for artists and music-lovers, because it is easy and fast to use, and it contains interesting features such as "name your price" albums, the tag section where you can browse a very large number of releases using an almost infinite variety of keywords. It is in many ways superior to Myspace, first because of its quickness. Visit Bandcamp.


"Quelques Trussemazes" is my other blog, where I (try to) write short stories and poetry. Some are in English but most is in French. I know this isn't music, and believe me I am sorry, but you know how it can be hard for lonely blogs, they have to stand as a team, and while they're at it, why not choose the dream team directly. Visit Quelques Trussemazes.


My Youtube channel, which you will find under the name of Trussemaze, consists not only of all the playlists linked to La Mojoteque and thus filled with free music, but also my other playlists and the videos I put online with or without any link with this blog. Visit my Youtube channel.

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