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mercredi 17 décembre 2014

X-Ray Zebras - Wooden Electro

I'm quite surprised to see I have not already shared this album on the Mojoblog, really. Discovered by Raph eons ago, Wooden Electro is a masterly crafted blend of electro, funk, and groovy hip-hop. The whole is delightly whirly, with sometimes a little pinch of rock or fusion jazz.

Each track is really delicious to the ears, every little musical detail is carefully hand-picked, and I think I should stop there before my article becomes a commercial for potato chips

An excellent release, no time to waste not listening to it.

And so yes, a zebra with antlers, yes, that says it all.

mercredi 10 décembre 2014

Balmy - Metaverse

Never judge an album based on its first ten seconds. Most people in music stores (note to the future : still not always online in december 2014) would give up after the first measures of Metaverse because they seem so strange and out of place.

I was (and still am) a lover of weird music, so I felt compelled to listen to Balmy's music (whose name was Atmosfear at the time), and was not disappointed at all.

Coming from the ancient timescapes of 2012 and from the dark month of february, Metaverse is to me a well-crafted melting pot of soothing music, weird sounds, and a walk in the streets in the city at night when no one tries to get their hands on you purse.

Old memories already. Time flies.

mercredi 3 décembre 2014

VA - Nibbana

Goa is like chocolate, the more you have, the more you want. Like so many times it is a pack of tracks from various artists, nicely compiled by DJ Tude, celebrating his ten years of being a DJ and presenting his new project, Cosmic Racer (track 5). From the start, track one gives away the general atmosphere. I know, it is not goa at all, it is psytrance, because if goa goes tzingiwingzschw, psytrance goes tagada, and yes, even if I have made the unforgivable blasphemy of grouping the two of them under the tag Goa/Psytrance, they are in fact very different. I am a horrible person, but thus the site is easier to read.

As usual also, I cannot really say that every single track in this compilation is pure delight, genius expressed into sound, but there are enough pulsatronic supersonic tracks to please everyone's ears, I think, I know.

Click on this link to download the album on Ektoplazm (thank you Ektoplazm).

And here's a preview :

mercredi 26 novembre 2014


Just a perfect album. Every track is perfectly "orchestrated", every sample finds its place and each slice of rhythm is in harmony with the whole. Thus one of my recently discovered favourite albums. Yes, I could listen to it all day long, while usually I can't stand people doing that kind of blasphemy.

I just love this music. That probably explains why there was so little time between the two releases from KOGNITIF.

I can't wait to hear more, I'll keep you up to date.

samedi 15 novembre 2014

Kaminanda - Gateways of Consciousness

I want to share an immediate discovery with you. While listening to a random psybient playlist on Youtube I stumbled by chance on Kaminanda. It was such an intense music that I thought "if only it was free !" and it just happens to be so !

So here's the plan : let's turn down the volume of everything else, download this completely free album on Ektoplazm and then play it any way we like, but on a good sound system. Then let's listen. Of course I could say the same for everything I share here but I know it is quite an act of faith to turn down one's own music to listen to something else, something yet to be known. I trust your musical passion for that.

Here's the link to hear this wonderful piece.

And here's a preview if you're not convinced :