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mercredi 4 mars 2015

Kalya Scintilla - Dance of The Spiral Never Ending

I suggest we embark on a space vessel to make a dark, strange and distorted journey to a world vibrating around a spiral that never ends with the spiritual pulse of celestial beings, scouring the skies, defying imagination, at the heart of Kalya Scintilla's music.

Produced by Merkaba Music (a label that produces a lot of other nice music, by the way), Dance of The Spiral Never Ending  is the hypnotic sojourn of a soul revealing itself between two beats of electronic shamanic drums, a perfect example of what happens when you take "psy" and "step" and ask them to kiss.

This is the 200th article on La Mojoteque ! Time to celebrate right ? The catalog is becoming thicker and thicker. I'm thinking about learning how to make a real website, on a real server, with real server issues and a more clear and user-friendly system. I'm thinking about continuing to share as much as I can all the most incredible albums of planet Earth and other dimensional plans (of course).

If you like to come here to hear weird, cool, beautiful, strange, sublime, disturbing or inspiring music, do not hesitate to share, invite your friends to like the page, to share the blog, the albums. I don't like to remind it, but you are also the conduit through which the craftsmen of free music can continue their art. I do not get one dollar out of it, I do it for fun, and because of my passion for music, and I will continue to do it, at least until the big crunch takes my computer away...

mercredi 25 février 2015

HIGH&DRYs - Lowest Fidelity Demos

Feels like a small psych-rock gig, in a small room with dim lights, a smell of coffee, beer and scratched guitar chords in the air... Lowest Fidelity Demos is a dozen tracks of scratchy lo-fi psych-rock, with ghostly voices losing themselves in outer space, echoing riffs, and a sound that feels like raw wood.

Lo-fi is the opposite of hi-fi and a recording technique all in one. There are people who like listening to their music with the utmost sound quality with super power lord bass booster detecter automatic channel tracking (and I do too), and then there are other, strange people who prefer when the sound coughs and scratches a little, who record their music with old tools and instruments to be able to feel what seems to be impressions from another time, lost to some, ever living to others.

Au moins ça sera plus facile à écouter en live. Allez je vous laisse, il pleut.

mercredi 18 février 2015

Androcell - Imbue

I don't think I have already mentioned Androcell's name on the Mojoblog before, and that is a wrong I'm about to correct. I guess that is because his music has begun being free-priced not so long ago. And I might as well start at the end with Imbue, his fourth and latest album. The other three are really worth a listen I can assure you.

Androcell takes us across the doors of perception, amidst strange valleys covered with divine monoliths, illuminated by an unknown sun through the dimensions, to a circus where neurons show unexpected dance talents, until a sacred encounter with the root of life. No, I did not take anything special, it's just the effect of this music, I swear.

mercredi 11 février 2015

Neon - Transgressive

A little stroll through Ektoplazm's corridors is a good opportunity to learn more about trance, to read for the first time words like "psygressive", "forest-trance" or (more weird and exotic) "suomi-trance". Here is what I would call a good example of progressive deep-trance. Deep because Neon uses deep repetitive beats that hold the music like caterpillar tracks hold their tanks, and progressive not only because the music take its time to develop, but also because it never escalates to a big brutal "drop the bass". Some people like it, some people don't, I do like it.

Download this little thing on Ektoplazm by following this link.

mercredi 4 février 2015

101 - You Are What You Become

This excellent album seems to be coming from the past, say the 80's, with distorted synths, nervous beats that hit the spot, and an overall atmosphere of a tramway going out of tracks into space to split the moon into two perfect pieces.

This kind of music is called Braindance, because it makes the brain tap its feet.

Yes the Bandcamp link is not free, as usual with CT Records you have to go on their website directly and click on the "free download with Archives.org" link.