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mercredi 20 juillet 2016

Jake Kaufman - Shovel Knight Original Soundtrack

It's not usual at all that I make a bit of advertising for a video game on a blog dedicated to music, but well... Shovel Knight is the latest game I've played, since I'm very much into independent games also, and its music has been stuck in my head ever since. Impossible to pry out !

I was really and pleasantly surprised to see this OST is free-priced, with regards to its quality. Note to all those Rockman/Megaman nostalgics, and other great action classics. Smells like platform spirit, boss battles, cleaving through hordes of enemies, rushing to save the day. But specifically, smells like shovel, shovel justice.

I don't really need to argue about the game, the music will do that on its own.

2D is life.

mercredi 13 juillet 2016

Tetra Hydro K - Labotomie

It breathes heavy, it breathes fresh. A delicious magical electronic potion, a blend of dub, of psy, of electronica, very refreshing, if I must repeat myself during those days where we can but claim our right to more sun.

Dr. Kanay and Dr. Krilong invite us to discover the new advances about biochemicomusicology they recently made in their secret lab, conveniently named Tetra Hydro K. Shuffling between live instrumentations and electronic components, the two MDs discovered it was possible to cleanse a human brain using only the finest ingredients such as basses, organic rhythm, far-reaching melodies and strange out-of-nowhere samples.

Out at ODGProd, the netlabel whose name I barely manage to write correctly, Labotomie is a surprising album, to be listened to without any moderation, for all the lovers of music, be it electronic or not, but like, still more yes, you know...

Download the album directly on ODGProd's website by following this link (and by clicking "download").

mercredi 6 juillet 2016

Subaqueous - ReCreate

Hear hear ! Gentle people of the Internet. I present unto you, ReCreate by Subaqueous, a journey deep into swampy soundscapes, phosphorescent algae-ridden mountaintops at the bottom of the ocean, crashing waves and the songs of whales.

ReCreate is actually a remix album of track by Subaqueous made into something fresh by friends with mucky names such as Moon Frog, Bogtrotter, Yaima, Skytree and a bunch of others. A great occasion of discovering Subaqueous' sounds through other minds and also to get a number of new names in the free music world.

You wouldn't believe, sometimes you just have to type in "artist name + Bandcamp" and then you only need to name any price you want.

Note : It does not work with all the musicians in the world.

Let's listen and go to far away places now.

mercredi 29 juin 2016

Padang Records - Barong & Garuda

Let's dive in the murky depths of swampy voodoo people-ridden underground worlds with this compilation from Padang Records. There will be slow and pounding techno beats, dark psychedelic atmospheres seeping through the sound monitors, strangely familiar ritual incantations...

Padang Records specialise in a more technoid kind of psychedelic electronica, and you can really feel it through this collection of tracks from noted artists about whom I did not know anything at all before coming across them in my search for free music.

As they say better than me : "Receiving data from random creative psychedelic neuro connections, world wild artists will take you on a journey of digital and analog soundscapes not yet explored by mankind". I mean, that's the way they describe themselves. Couldn't be clearer, you'll see it's true after listening to this one.

For the most curious and/or knowledgeable among you, you'll now be able to tell your friends that Barong is the lion-shaped king of the spirits, a mythological figure from Bali, Indonesia, and Garuda a humanoid bird that is the mount of Vishnu in Hinduism and Buddhism.

That was the international culture moment, thanks for your attention. Back to weird psychedelic techno now.

mercredi 22 juin 2016

Kalpataru Tree - Preverberations From The Infinite Future

Today and once again I want to share with you an album from a very inspiring artist of whom I've already spoken before, but whose art makes me float in the air with each and every step forward it takes.

Kalpataru Tree has become one of my favourite artists, and is, in my opinion unavoidable in the psydub scene today, of which he successfully makes himself the avatar with a blend of tweaked up instrumentals, rhythm boxes, deep layers of bass to sustain the whole and dreamy velvet melodies floating in space, faithful to his own style.

Preverberation From The Infinite Future, with its impossible to pronounce name and its cover reminiscing of an episode from Ulysses 31 unleashes long threads of psydub able to calm down the most reluctant souls, to make the laziest among us able to touch the stars.

Listen without moderation is all I have to say in the end.

See you later.


mercredi 15 juin 2016

Tough Crowd - We're All in This Together

Well, what can I say ? It's about life, ups and downs, good times, bad times, people, talking, being polite, suspicious, fresh, groovy, all in an upbeat frame where beats always fall into place exactly at the time you wanted them to.

Complex instrumentals, chilly vibes and an atmosphere of friends getting together to slide their flowing lyrics on good beats.

Noticed how I'm always talking about atmospheres ? Well, it's because I think that that's what music is about.

See you later.