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mercredi 26 août 2015

The Stormalongs - ...they call me Destruction

Rock is dead, long live Rock !

The Stormalongs is a canadian band hailing from Toronto, who puts back the fiery fire in the flame of rock, a music that is here sometimes fast-paced, sometimes calmer, with obscure poetic lyrics that you don't always have to listen to or understand to feel the music. Vocals are, after all, an instrument among the others.

See what happens when you look for free rock music on the Internet ? And there's more... I can feel it.

mercredi 19 août 2015

VA - Sacral Fractal

One of those compilations of psybient, psychill, psybient... Well, you know, everything that's calm and soothing and that begins with "psy". Compiled by Gliese 581C, a russian label on which started some great artists like HelixNebula (also known as MentalImage when he chills out a bit) and Globular.

Listen without moderation, and get it by following this link, also consider a little donation to the artists.

mercredi 12 août 2015

Soulular - AWAKE

Laugh, Quartz. Awake, Goddess. Listen, I am Time.
The tracks from this album look like one of those weird sentences you hear in your dreams, just before waking, which you try to decipher all day long, not knowing how or why.

I discovered Soulular's music before La Mojoteque even existed, with the album Thoughts Float, and the least I can say is that his style really evolved, while remaining balanced and constant, keeping his most soulularesque touch that you can recognize by broken voices, slow rhythms rising through time and space, and a deep electric calm atmosphere.

Listening to soulular is like diving in a sea of liquid which has electrolytes.

mercredi 5 août 2015

Michael Garfield - The Good Old Days: Adventures in Live Looping

You remember that moment when you came home, you did not know what time it was, it was a bit dark already, you were a little tired but you didn't know why ?

That moment where everything was a bit blurry, where the sofa was so welcoming with open arms, whispering "come, only I truly understand you", that kind of moment, do you remember ?

Well that was the perfect moment to press play and listen to a bit of Michael Garfield's music. This album is his own very best of from albums and lives from 2011 to 2014. A calm and soothing music for wandering spirits in want of a cool breeze.

Michael Garfield is a talented guitarist and tinkers in electronic music. Using pedals, effects and rhythm boxes while playing his trustworthy guitar, he carves instrumentals which he uses to create complete compositions. Often present in festivals of the psychedelic culture and nature, Michael Garfield is best known for his intimist live sets where he performs on small stages and often chats with the audience. Best seen live then, just as any good instrumental performer, but this album will give you a good idea of what you will hear there, as well as providing you with 27 tracks of guitar instrumentals blended with electronic elements. Sometimes relaxing, sometimes vibrating and psych.

Good listening.

mercredi 29 juillet 2015

The BenchWarmers Clique - The Ugly

This unbearable cover bears well its name. I guess the Benchwarmers do not lack humor at all. And their music is in fact far from ugly, more like old-school hip-hop sprinkled with old tv shows extracts and epic sentences from the sixth dimension. Moving, grooving, booming.

Relax, it's only hip-hop.

mercredi 22 juillet 2015

Auditive Escape - Auditive Escape

Have you ever thought of a particular artist whose work, whose every single piece you always really like, without any exception, a painter whose paintings you cannot stop looking at, a band whose music you never tire to listen to ?

Well I'm having this kind of issue with Auditive Escape's music. Actually I think I'm going to put all his discography on the blog. It will be the case one day, because each of his albums is such a pure concentrate of dreamy chillcore vibrating through moved air molecules. That is what you can find in the first eponymous album by Auditive Escape, to which I had never listened until today, shame on me. Do not hesitate to take a listen at his other pieces, but in any case, they will end here eventually.

Good listening to you all

Peace and lord.